The Benefits of Grated Cheese
There are three key advantages to using grated cheese in manufacturing pizzas, ready meals, sandwiches and other convenience foods.

1 Loss allowance
Buying cheese ready grated cheese eliminates wastage at the point of manufacturing.

2 Ease of use
Grated cheese is easy to distribute with free flowing particles. (If you choose IQF grated cheese, there is no clumping or sticking - see opposite).

3 Flexibility
The major convenience foods manufacturers are increasingly looking to outsource ingredient preparation in order to focus resources on flexing to ever changing consumer demands. Buying in ready grated cheese helps manufacturers achieve this.

Types of Grated Cheese
The most popular types of grate include:
Sliced Cubed

Have You Considered the Benefits of IQF Cheese?
The largest food manufacturers are now switching to IQF to help improve supermarket shelf life of their grated cheese products.

Meadow Cheese is unique in Europe for having pioneered Individually Quick Frozen Cheese (IQF) grated cheese ingredients. The IQF process has transformed chilled grated cheese into a user friendly commodity and dramatically extends end product shelf life.
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